What People "Say" About Mr. Lukaszewski aka Mr. L 


“Because of Mr L I have learned to not procrastinate and to keep on track with my classes.”

Jack C


I would also like to add that I have completed my English class with an 86%. I also wanted to say that I had M. L as an English teacher and he was fabulous throughout the whole year! He worked with me every step of the way to help me understand each assignment. Great teacher I must say!

Katlin M. 


"I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me to get my diploma. I am looking forward to the next semester of classes, as I have an extended break from work, allowing me to focus more primarily on class and getting my diploma, pursuing higher education and achieving my dreams.

Matthew O.


Thank you very much for all of your help throughout this year and the past year in making sure that I learned to the best of my capabilities and beyond, it has been a pleasure for myself to be your student!

Al-reem A.


I would just like to thank you for all of your support and help throughout the year, Thank you for believing I could succeed and I am officially finished with school and I will be graduating!

William L.


I was talking with Gaby A's grandmother today, and she told you that you worked really hard with Gaby in her English class last semester.  I'm not sure if Gaby will say this to you or not, but she really appreciated it.  She appreciated the help you gave her and the fact that you held her to a high standard.  

Thanks for being a great teacher!

(a note from teacher Matt. F)


"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for everything, your patience with questions, E-mails, and all the work you do. It is appreciated."

Mom of an 8th Grade student. 


I love that this course is pushing her, it see,s like she's doing "real" work, where she wasn't being asked to do this work in her previous brick-and-mortar school. She was getting A's and B's last year, but the work she was asked to do was minimal. I like your philosophy. Thanks!

Mom of a 7th Grade student


Mr. Lukaszewski,

I just wanted to compliment you on the excellent job of teaching you do.  I can tell you truly care about your students.  Matthew was watching your video on Inference when I came into the room.  I sat down and watched it with him and was so impressed with this video and the extra time you took to create it.  Thank you, thank you.  

It is so encouraging to me as a parent that there is good teachers like you!  As you saw in English, Matt had some trouble on some of the tests about poetry and plays.  Together we watched Hamlet, the one with Mel Gibson.  We both found it very interesting and had a better understanding of Shakespeare.  Matt was getting frustrated with the old English language.  I tried to help him, but also never got it.  The movie shed a new light on Shakespeare for both us.  We have a new appreciation of it all.  Thank you again so very much.

Gwen Gordon


I just wanted to thank you for all of the help you have provided throughout the year! You have gone above and beyond in giving guidance and making sure to look out for students, which is important. Your website, the Remind app, cheat sheets, etc. are all very helpful! Going to you for any help has always been very helpful, and I appreciate all of that help! Thank you,

Breanna M


Mr. L has made me like doing online. I use to take online health and I disliked it due to not having a strong relationship with my teacher. She was not there like Mr.L was and is. I like the history that I have read about in this course. I have changed my thoughts about history and literature. I am more interested in literature than I was before. Taking this course online has also made me like it more just because I could work on my own pace and not on someone else's time.

Madison B.


Hi Mr.L! I wanted to stop by for a minute and say thankful for all you do not just for me but for the school! You make time to help all your students understand what it is they need to do! I can't be more thankful for that!  

“Because of Mr L, I am able to understand the projects and know what was going on!  The remind app has helped me know what was going on in the class. And because of both of those things I am passing my class and will be able to graduate.”  

Amber L 


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