Class Hacks


MVHS Resource Page - Do you need to know more about Minnesota Virtual or finding key people? Use this resource page!

Mr. L's Web Site - Additional resources for students. Located at this site are Mr. L's Calendar, information about Mr. L, and Classroom Resources.

Mr. L's Online Office - Connect with Mr. Lukaszewski through his "Live" classroom. Presentations by Mr. L will occur here. Some items will be recorded (including End-of-Class Final Test Reviews, Lectures on Key Topics, and Trouble Shooting tips)

Mr. L's Online Calendar - Find out Mr. Lukaszewski's availability by click on this link You'll be directed to his calendar!

Course Syllabus - Information regarding English 12 A policies

Course Schedule Pacing Guide - This is an hours to complete plan of assignments. Have you started in the middle of the semester or are you behind in your work? This pacing guide displays the expected amount of hours to complete a specific lesson or assignment.

Nineteen, Sixteen and Thirteen Week Schedule - A day-by-day plan of assignments. The assignments on this schedule are arranged according to three starting points in a semester. You can download a *csv file here to download into your Google Calendar.

What is my grade? - Access this *.pdf document (What Is My Grade) to track what your grade is and percentage of work completed. To understand what the numbers mean, watch this video: Understanding "What Is My Grade?"


Glossary of Literary Devices - Find definitions with examples used in literature to understand the variety of literary terms from Allegory to Verse.

Mastery Test Video Lessons - View these videos before starting an assignment that contains a mastery test. Additional resources for your success is found here.

Class Downloads - Access to audio books, free text materials, charts and diagrams used for note taking and understanding of material.

Dictionary for Symbolism - This dictionary is a small list and the meanings behind words that act as symbols in literature and the arts.

Encyclopedia Mythica - an award-winning internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion.

Software Programs Links To Assist You

Audacity - Audio recording software. Talk to Mr. L about how to use this software.

SoundCloud - Up to 150 minutes of audio recording with the free account. Also a great sight with new music.

Prezi - A great way to make an interactive presentation. Better than PowerPoint or Presentations

Yola - WYSIWYG Web Builder. Simple to use. So simple that Mr. L uses it for

Literary Devices - When you need to look up a literary term in your English class!

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